Planning your estate

When you work on your will and plan your estate,  you plan with rose colored glasses. If you have more than one child this could be catastrophic to the  relationship between your children when you are gone. Do not plan as if everything will be ok. It will not be. Instead, plan your Will as … Continue reading Planning your estate

What to Say

How did you feel when your parents talked to you about their death? I remember when my mom and dad wanted to talk about their death. I avoided the conversation. I changed the topic or left the room. It was too uncomfortable and I did not want to think about my parents dying. This is … Continue reading What to Say

Do I Need A Will?

If you die tomorrow, you assume the following conditions will hold true: if  young and unmarried, everything will go to my parents and they will take care of it if married, everything will go to our spouse and they will take care of it   Most of us deny death in our consciousness. Therefore we put off … Continue reading Do I Need A Will?