Oh The Clutter! Don’t Leave It To Your Love Ones!

Over the years my husband and I have been left with the responsibility of cleaning out the homes of our deceased love ones.  In all cases it was a daunting task.  But, it needed to be done to prepare the real estate for sale to settle the deceased’s estate. So much stuff.  So much stuff that nobody wants.  Lots of various collections of books, plates, figurines, tools etc.  which had to be appraised and added to the overall value of the estate.

You may think your children will want the valuables you collected and loved. Chances are they won’t.  Especially, if they have established their own homes.  Those Hummel figurines, barbie dolls, baseball cards, record collections, etc.,  you’ve been holding onto and thinking they are increasing in value each year,  more than likely are worth much less than what you paid for them.  Don’t leave all this stuff for your child(ren) to get rid of.  It could be a difficult emotional task for them. They may resent you for leaving this task to them.

Having been the beneficiaries of multiple estates, my husband and I thought it was our duty to save things our parents valued and other family members did not want.   So, we moved those things into our home eventually renting storage space to accommodate more stuff.  Big mistake.  We now have clutter galore.

We are now on a mission to declutter.  We both agree we cannot leave this mess of stuff to our only child to deal with.  A few friends of ours have referred the decluttering bible, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidy Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering & Organizing”, by Marie Kondo.  The author instructs you to put your hands on everything you have and ask yourself if it brings joy and if it doesn’t,  thank it for its service and get rid of it.  Think of it as useful and bettering someone else life.  Some of the “good” stuff take to a consignment shop or consider selling it on Ebay.  The other decent stuff (for ex. the 5 extra dinnerware sets you are storing) give to charity thrift shops.  The book promises “decluttering”  will lead to blissful joy.

With the 2016 New Year upon us we will begin our journey to declutter our way to blissful joy and saved our daughter from such a tortuous task.



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