Quit snus, snuff, chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products

News Medical stated that quitting tobacco may be harder than quitting heroin. Here is the link to the article: Stopping smoking may be harder than quitting heroin.

Now that we are starting a new year, what a great way to start your life anew by quitting this terrible habit.

How does one do that?

Switch to non-nicotine smokeless products and going cold Turkey.  You can try to cut back but nothing works like going cold turkey.

What is the best way to do this? We suggest heading over to the site that has been in place for 9 years and helped thousands of people quit smokeless tobacco. The site is called Kill The Can.

Please check it out if you have this habit and you are trying to free yourself from this addiction.

We heartedly support this.

Killthecan has in turn endorsed us as the site for end of life planning. Please see their post: Kill The Can Blog


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