Live with Plans - Rest In Peace

Welcome to myepitchat.com. Our purpose is to help you prepare for the most important event of your life, your death. We all know it is not a question of will it happen but when. Make a plan now. We have made it quick and easy for you. Free yourself from worry, make a plan now and move on to enjoy the rest of your life.

Your life can be over in an instant, a sudden death is startling and earth-shattering to the loved ones you leave behind. Even a death that follows a critical illness can be traumatic. The burden of sorrow, pain and confusion can be minimized greatly when the question of What do we do now? is answered.

This confusion can be greatly reduced when there is a plan in place. Give your family a final gift by allowing them to focus on their grief without the hardship and burden of straightening out your affairs when there is no plan in place. Your plan will prevent second guessing and disputes for those loved ones you leave behind. And, if you have been lucky enough to be rewarded as a result of your efforts, you should be the one to make the decision of how those assets will be distributed.

Make a plan. Just do it.

And, a little humor might help lighten the heavy and serious topic of death. Laughter lifts the soul. The Create your Epitaph page (tombstone page) we offer here was done mainly for that purpose but it can be serious as well. Our goal at myepitchat.com is to take some of the fear of dying away to free you to live your best life.

In our world where most conversations take place via technology devices instead of face-to-face, we realized that we should make time for one-to-one conversations with those we love.

These conversations are crucial to ensuring our legacy continues on and our final hopes and wishes are clear. Our mission is, with the help of our daughter, to assist and guide others with end-of-life planning.

Our Name

Why the Name Myepitchat? What does it mean?

Our name is a take off on my epitaph. We wanted to add a social sharing aspect to this site. Hence chat.

If you go to our epitaph page you can update tombstones with your epitaph or your thought-of-the-day and share it.

You can go to the tombstone wall and make comments about tombstones and share the ones you like.


My wife and I conceived this site after the death of my brother in July 2014. My sister died 8 years earlier. So far, I have lost 2 of my 6 siblings. These deaths made my wife and I reflect and think about some crucial conversations that we needed to have with our daughter.

If you just happened upon this site and are interested in our concept, then let us know what you think and what we can improve.

Our Team