Planning your estate

When you work on your will and plan your estate,  you plan with rose colored glasses. If you have more than one child this could be catastrophic to the  relationship between your children when you are gone. Do not plan as if everything will be ok. It will not be. Instead, plan your Will as … Continue reading Planning your estate

Weight Training

To improve your health, and to start your new year off on the right foot, consider taking up weight lifting. This may help you complete a goal on your bucket list. Why take up weightlifting? It allows you to build your strength quickly. This is especially true when you first start weight lifting. When you … Continue reading Weight Training

Quit snus, snuff, chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products

News Medical stated that quitting tobacco may be harder than quitting heroin. Here is the link to the article: Stopping smoking may be harder than quitting heroin. Now that we are starting a new year, what a great way to start your life anew by quitting this terrible habit. How does one do that? Switch to … Continue reading Quit snus, snuff, chewing tobacco and other smokeless tobacco products

Planning for your retirement

Planning for end of life also includes planning for what you need to sustain yourself and family after you stop working. These needs fall under the general category of Insurance Coverage. What kind of coverage do you need? Monthly income to pay your bills for food, utilities,  rent if you do not own your home, … Continue reading Planning for your retirement

Gift It Or Will It

The Annual Exclusion Amount exempt from gift taxes is currently $14,000 .  That means while you are alive you can give money or property up to $14,000 in value to as many people as you want during each calendar year  without paying any gift tax.  You don’t even have to file a gift tax return. … Continue reading Gift It Or Will It

What to Say

How did you feel when your parents talked to you about their death? I remember when my mom and dad wanted to talk about their death. I avoided the conversation. I changed the topic or left the room. It was too uncomfortable and I did not want to think about my parents dying. This is … Continue reading What to Say